Singular Alumni

“If you get up every day to make this world a better place, you are Singular.”

We have winners of the II Singular Alumni edition!

6 projects linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which represent an improvement for the winning Alumni, but also a huge contribution to each of the areas they impact on. Congratulations! 

  1. Natalia Molinero
  2. Vanessa Carral
  3. Miguel Saez
  4. Paul Lorenz
  5. Jesús Cordero
  6. María Levene

We’ll be sharing all of their projects very soon. 

Winning Projects
With an impact on the SDGs
To support the development and implementation of the projects
Of follow-up, support and promotion

Singular Alumni is an initiative led by the Universidad Europea Foundation in collaboration with Santander Universities, to support Alumni of Universidad Europea who are developing professional and/or personal projects designed to leave a positive mark on innovation, research, sustainability or social impact.