The Alumni Forest

An initiative of Universidad Europea 

Get to know The Alumni Forest 


Every Alumni FOREST tree represents a seed to help make the planet greener, as well as a boost for the community where it is planted and the farmer who looks after it. 

Each tree is planted with two goals in mind: to help reduce cO22 in our atmosphere and contribute towards the development of the communities where they grow. 

They all have someone who takes care of them—a local farmer—and a sponsor—an Alumni. Furthermore, they feature geolocation so that sponsors can follow their progress online, and even visit them if they wish. 


Choose your tree
A farmer will plant it on their land and will look after it. Your tree will be photographed and geolocated.

Follow its story
Your tree will have its own page online, where over time it will tell you what it will help to achieve.

You’ll be supporting farming communities
The fruit of your tree will belong to the farmer taking care of them, who can use them as food or to support their income.

You’ll be making the planet greener
As your tree grows, it will absorb CO, as well as protect the soil and biodiversity.


Our first challenge is to plant 1,000 trees of various species in 4 countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador and Madagascar. 


Are you up for the Challenge?

To sponsor a tree, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Send us an email requesting your tree along with your record number.
  2. We’ll email you with a link – that’s the seed of your tree!
  3. Create a profile on the platform (it’ll take you less than 1 minute) and choose the tree you wish to plant.
  4. Follow your tree’s progress via its page.



Where is the Alumni Forest?

Here is the map showing the location of our trees:



Be part of the change.

Be part of the challege.

Go Beyond.