Learn about the Lázzaro project

Carlota Corzo, our Alumni of the Master’s Degree in Innovation Master’s and one of the winners of Singular Alumni, is co-founder of Lázzaro, a start-up that aims to digitise and provide transparency to the social sector and small businesses through blockchain technology. 

Thanks to her project, several NGOs are now able to go digital and to raise funds to achieve their goals more easily and transparently. 

Carlota says that, during her academic years, she always felt a “need to do” and found this purpose through social impact. During that time, she asked herself how she could have a greater impact on future projects, and found the answer in creativity and innovation. 

After setting up three NGOs (Innovating For Good, UNSA SPAIN, Connecting Cultures), she founded Lázzaro, a SaaS through which any NGO can have its own fundraising platform adapted to its style, with all the fundraising tools available on the market today (subscription, crowdfunding, shop, courses, etc.), at the click of a button. 

This system uses blockchain technology as its base, which serves to ensure the transparency of donations. This is the big distinguishing factor since, according to several studies, the main reason for not donating is lack of trust. 

Currently only 8% of NGOs in Spain have a digitalisation strategy in place. Lázzaro opens up a range of possibilities for those organisations looking to create a platform in a simple way, with personalised support and full transparency. 

The project has received prestigious awards such as the Spanish Red Cross special mention in Humanitarian Technology and the Product Hawkers Awards. It was also a finalist in the UNICEF LAB. Furthermore, it has been identified as a leading example for its innovative and social activity by various media outlets such as RNE or the magazine Emprendedores. It has also been selected to take part in the RaiseXImpact programme by the Social Nest Foundation and the CITIZEN BOOTCAMP by Deusto Business School. 

If you would like more information, you can visit the Lázzaro website.