Meet Carlota Corzo

Carlota Corzo is an Alumni of Universidad Europea and co-founder of, a startup that aims to digitise and provide transparency to the social sector and small businesses through blockchain technology. 

Carlota says that she has always naturally felt the need to do, think, question and create. Ever since she was little, she felt there were a lot of changes to be made and she always believed it was everyone’s responsibility to make them. 

During her time as a student, Carlota set up three NGOs; she launched projects involving the European Parliament and the United Nations on important matters such as the situation of refugees, gender issues and children with functional diversity. She also created Lázzaro, a SaaS (Software as a Service) tool to help NGOs generate digital income quickly, sustainably and transparently. With this tool, any NGO can create a web platform in under 15 minutes with all the tools needed to collect funding online (donation button, membership, crowdfunding, shop, events, etc.). Consultancy sessions are also provided to help them achieve their goals and use blockchain technology to trace donations. 

The aim is to help these small organisations to generate digital income while ensuring the transparency of transactions through blockchain technology. 

This project, with an already impressive track record, has received multiple awards such as a special mention from the Spanish Red Cross in Humanitarian Technology and the Product Hawkers Awards. It has also been selected to take part in the RaiseXImpact programme by the Social Nest Foundation and the CITIZEN BOOTCAMP by Deusto Business School. It was also a finalist in the UNICEF LAB.