I will be glad all my life that I studied at Universidad Europea.

José Martín Herreros is an Alumni of Law at Universidad Europea de Madrid. His law firm has recently won the National Law Award 2022 in the International Law category. 

Please tell us when you studied and which faculty and campus you were at. 

I studied from 1996 to 2000. I was at Villaviciosa de Odón Campus where I studied the Law degree. 

How was your journey after completing your studies at Universidad Europea until the creation of your company and winning this distinguished award? 

To tell you the truth, it was quite a smooth ride. One of the best law firms in Madrid sought me out at the University and gave me a job from the very first day. They enrolled me in the School of Legal Practice at Complutense University. Thanks to the level I had gained from my university internship, I smashed it and came out top of my class. Later in 2002, I was working to such a high standard at the firm that they offered to make me partner, and I continued there until 2012. After that, thanks to my great level of professional growth, I had to start my own firm. 

Tell us a little more about your work. What do you enjoy the most? What challenges do you face on the daily? Do you have an anecdote you would like to share? 

What I like most about being an international criminal lawyer is problem-solving. I’m a devoted lawyer and every win for a client is a win for me. I get really involved in cases and I take their problems home with me. Every day is a fight, especially now that we have so much work in Eastern countries and due to the Ukraine war. 

Why did you choose Universidad Europea? What values and characteristics do you think it has that have contributed to your professional development? 

My brother had studied there and I also lived in Villaviciosa. Also the syllabus at the University is highly practical, which is why I will always be happy that I studied at my university. 

What is your best memory from Universidad Europea? 

My best memory is the day I won a real court case at university and even the Dean came to congratulate me. 

What advice would you give to those who have just finished their studies and are now going out into the working world? 

It’s really important that they explore what they like most within Law, because if we don’t know where our place is then we can’t deliver to our client either.